OnBecoming (October 2020): Reviews and Links

Nobody else can tell our stories. Instead of waiting for permission to tell hers, Hokis delivers it in a tightly woven, genre-fucking poetic memoir.”

– AnnaH Anti-Palindrome, DNA HYMN  (Sibling Rivalry Press).

OnBecoming is a heroic story of rising from political trauma. The collection holds readers by the gripped fist, navigating the only way out of a dark place; taking on the tedious task of unwinding mindsets and patterns, digging deep into the resilience of ancestral blood, and fighting gravity to rise from grief. Intentionally set to release September 27, 2020, the 2nd anniversary of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony at Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, this poetic memoir begins with “Daggers on Ice”- a piece penned by Hokis and Dr. Ford in a dream. Pieces move forward in real-time, dancing between Hokis’s life and our shared political reality. She glares directly into flashbacks and family mythology to scoop up wisdom on which to feed, nourish, and wise-up. The theme of abandonment becomes a resonating thread in a collection exploring politics, sexualized violence, feminism, grief, toxic masculinity, compassion, and forgiveness.

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Her selection here is quite unforgettable and will get the grey matter whirling and your heart pumping. How many writers can you honestly say can do that these days? Without doubt, you will not, you cannot, read someone who will remind you of Hokis. She’s in a genre of her own.”

Candice Louisa Daquin, Editor of the national indie excellence award finalist – “SMITTEN: This is What Love Looks Like,” Indie Blu(e) (2019).

…weaving a mystical tapestry of self-creation that is celestial and universal, and wholly original, moving beyond familial and societal bonds.


Additional reviews found with Fevers of the Mind and Line Rider Press. Interview with Artist’s Soapbox.

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