Our Playground Crush

Monster Week on Channel Five,

Promptly at 3:00pm

Clear fall day on the fifth-grade playground.

“Who are you rooting for,

Godzilla or Mothra?”

Children playing four-square, masked.

Those on monkey bars, not.

Nobody notices that the tender bald-headed life-long soldier

Has no Band-Aid on his boney anemic shoulder.

It is hard to notice everything when outdoor play is only 22 minutes.

Cloud shapes of giant wings and lizard feet hover,

Shadowing the game of tag below.

Godzilla vs Mothra

COVID vs Convenience

Nature warned us decades ago –

HIV vs Columbus challenged

The tenth commandment, by asking “Which neighbors do you love?”

The glorification of the destroyer of Her patient ones;

The villages that fed all bald babies and forms of love,

The human form that honorably surrendered to the circle, 

without exploitation.

We failed that test, so She returns.

This time airborne, for all to breath.

We think we are the monsters fighting

Mother, again, corrects us –

“No, my young one, you

are the humans in the buildings

these evolving giants blindly crush.”

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