I’ve Heard the Light

for those of us with unfun histories –

this distance between people,

long-winded ticks on the clock,

not fakin’ it through days- blessings.

i don’t use that word often- blessings.

you see, the dew on the morning grass is my doctrine.

i am but a perpetual witness

to the greens’ baptism. silently standing in line

with six feet of respected space between

could be my heaven – if there was one –

where souls are clear, exposed,

peering above calico print cloth face coverings-

no words or shiny grins to distract

our instinct. gratitude and patience

for the extra time it takes

to allow each clerk to clean,

to care for the herd.

such a mixed moment for me.

this required pause gifted me

the experience i always hoped for.

i am then reminded,

the reason for this space, pace

appears in my lungs.

breath it in, and out. nothing

but a heavy sigh redirecting me.

the unfun of my life is history – far gone.

weird how remembering the past

in a cold sweat, in a safe bed,

with a calm voice next to me

reveals a perplexing privilege.

stare at the bless-ed grass. tick tock.

I write a twitter note

to a covid-touched stranger without family,

make a facebook post

announcing we left fresh eggs on the porch,

fill another recycled amazon envelope

with cloth face coverings,

for those whom i love but will never meet.

same tick tock. different time.

i realize that i am now the calm voice

speaking to the blade of grass covered in a

baptizing cold sweat,

preparing for another’s future unfun.

same tick tock. different time.

i am beginning to Believe

the Tick Tock might just be the sound of Light.

image source: Fish Road, album cover.

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