From the Forest that Was

Dear Humans,

Let me introduce to you

My Mother, Nature.

You have disconnected from

her, forgotten.

Well, here she is –

revealing her full self to you.

Vulnerable and earthy.

I suggest you freeze.

Stare in awe.

She is not simply a beautiful tree or a tasty apple.

She is not simply a microbe living inside you,

digesting your food, making your immune system strong. 

She is the tsunami of more.

Those who do not respect

floods, shifts of winds

will not respect today

they will not freeze and stare.

They believe shampooing the

head with sand is


She says:

{audible sigh}

“I tell them again and again; this is how it always has been, how it is supposed to be.”


Koala, from the forest that was

image, satellite view of Australian bush fires

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