The Reason, a poem by Hokis

The Reason

when buildings fell we
redefined the powers
of the powers that be.
justified The New War-
one like we’d never seen.
hunted a belief system beyond bounds,
an intruder foreign to our species,
one we lacked immunity to –
only carried fear of.

if i were President,
I would declare war
against this mircroterrorist-
this new unlife that takes life
that takes our t-cells by surprise,
playing hide and seek with
the nature inside, that we
no longer know to carry.

like all genres of yesterday’s wars,
today’s is made of tissues and cells
the likes of which we’ve never seen.
again, we hunt this natural system
this intruder foreign to our species
beyond our war chest’s bounds
we cannot destroy with guns
bullets, or macrobiotic tanks
rather community Vision retooled
sighting the Us
of the We
that is Our.

today’s declarations of borderless,
pushes our grief to return
to grief, to hold down
that building that was,
draft the structure that will be –
without cutting down
the Woodpecker’s Forest to do it.

alas, no more returning
to the redefining the power
of the powers that be.
I will never be President.
symbolically ironic since

i was born
with a Birth canal.

The image is by my favorite artist, Aykut Maykut. Please visit him and appreciate his work.

originally published in Headline Poetry and Press

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