The Passing of My Father, Time

“If I close my eyes, and
 turn my head, 
will time go away?”
It will, My Father 
Time will be with me now 
I will tend to all you leave.
Life no longer, 
and yet without him,
continues to flow
with the truth of my brow and 
the ink of my pen.  


After all, 
my life was a promise made.
     “We don’t make promises
      we cannot keep.”

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

4 Thoughts

    1. These were his words. He came out of his near-death rest and looked at me and said those words, I said the next stanza back to him. He closed his eyes and turned his head. Those were his last speaking words to me. He passed peacefully two days later. I am never sure if I cry when I think of this because I miss him or because I am so grateful that moment happened. I offered him a good death. Before they gently put him into the hertz I kissed him and said “I am so proud of us dad. We did it right.” I know he was watching over that moment. As the drivers left so so so slowly the birds played above the hertz, passing over the street. Dancing in the wind up against the blue sky. The day my dad would always make sure I would notice. The blue sky, the sun, the green trees, the one puffy clouds, and the happy birds playing in the sky. I watched that so long that I forgot that he had just drove off. My last memory of letting him go was the birds.


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