The Carver

"The Woman" made me wonder if you know me.  
I am still not sure if this would be the best of me,
the worst of me, or if
my question is meant for me. 

You twisty, wicked, truth telling pen you.
I flip my hair and giggle at my reflection.

I get tired of wondering 
lazily appropriate a token of the east
to pacify my altruistic pathology, 
or is that pathological altruism?
I always get those two confused, but I never
let that question linger at the coffee table too long.
Well, not this particular one - 
this mass-produced-from-scraps-of-pine one.

Which brings me to my intended question, 
"The Man, would you carve me a new one?"

Photo by Dana DeVolk on Unsplash

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