Accessing Compassion for Fuller Writing – a Free Generative Workshop!

Announcing Our 2020 Series

Why: To help writers of all levels explore new ways of looking at the world

What:Four, one week-long courses focusing on character offered every other month, each designed to produce four new pieces of craft – one per weekTogether, we’ll support the development of each participant’s unique voice by way of engaging with tools which:

  • Compassionately embody characters
  • Create and move through tension & conflict
  • Engage with imagery & imagination
  • Tether the reader to place and time
  • Experiment with language to remind us of the adventure of the process

This experience promises to be supportive to any writer committed to a virtual work-space community format. Your facilitators have experience in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry – tailoring assignments to align with the unique make-up of those registered.

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Clear Intention

We believe in the power of intention. Our workshops are designed to include safe exploration, feedback guides, creative options, and participatory expectations to ensure community support.

Constructive Time

We value the time and commitment you make to developing your craft. We promise to deliver an experience which reciprocates the time you offer your Root to Rise community.

Community Design

We know community is created by valuing individuality and common purpose. Our design is to build both; from the type of feedback you wish to receive to making decisions as a group – Root to Rise aims to be your writer tribe.

Let’s Rise Together

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