Welcome to My Circus


Flow state wakes me;
"Take a peep at Lady Godiva's Naked Ride,
through the curtain crack of my
big top’s ring."  

I cast a glance ... timeless
towards the dance
between the busy brain and
the soured tongue.

Her witchy legs with words ... entangle
with the mortal’s hand, unwisely placed
upon on her previously 
scorched hip.

She places the rose,
thorn side up
between his lips.
The slow bleed follows.

The mortal ... well
he disappears.

After all,
is not meant
for the muse.




Lady Godiva was an 11th Century Noblewoman who convinced her husband, the Lord of Coventry, to reduce crippling taxes on citizens. The myth of how she did it is interesting.  She rode disrobed and rode her horse through town naked. The townspeople stayed inside to honor her privacy, except for one man – “Peeping Tom”. As the story goes, Peeping Tom was then struck blind.   This popular myth has inspired numerous stories and songs. Even Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote a famous poem called “Godiva” in 1840.

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