Last Breaths

Thank you for the note, big brother.
I recall you prefer not
to coordinate with me, yet
grateful we keep each other informed.

I was happy to have taken mother away
for a bit.  She did have a nice time with friends.
As the weekend came to a close, she became

She now has no reason to return
to the home of her family's rising,
her life's work. She lost
dad, and now
her sister.

She has not looked good since
we've been back. Pretty down,
not eating enough. Grief
often does that;
people forget to eat,
wander around in a fog.

Grief is not sadness, rather
a realizing you, too, will
come to an end.

Grief is all vines of loss tangled
into one. The growth and development
defi(n)es logic. Like mother’s instinct,
it is the involuntary work our body
reconciles in private solitude. 
Like lungs breathing.


Photo by Michelle Spollen on Unsplash

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