SMITTEN This is What Love Looks Like

Indie Blu(e) Publishing, October 2019

SMITTEN This is What Love Looks, Poetry by Women for Women is a masterful celebration of love between women. It is rare to read about the ordinary day of loving and the swirl-wind of feelings of love entwined with the extraordinary complexities of being lesbian or bisexual. Indie Blu(e)’s carefully curated collection achieves this.

After reading you likely come to a couple conclusions; we all love, true, and yet there is a bond between women that is exclusively unique.  Love by it’s very nature is an experience which reaches beyond wordly or wordy understanding.  The existence of this collection, in addition to the poetry within it, has somehow created an ethos.  It allows you to catch a scent that you recognize, and gently expands to fill all senses.  The result, for me, was a living inside a 400 page painting of honest love in a world that has yet to fully authenticate its existence.  

As I read, I kept reaching to read work related to Martin Luther King’s Strong Love.  This project was created with a larger than literary intent.  It demonstrates the powerful momentum women create when they support each other; with a shared vision and a single focus of reaching beyond profit and into change making. 

I cannot think of a better “I see you, you beautiful loving soul” gift.

It is available at all major book retailers, linking you here to Barnes & Noble.

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