It’s Nice to Meet You …

Hokis is Armenian for “my soul,” or “my beloved.” It is the name my Armenian birth mother gave to me when we met in 1992. I chose it for my pen name to embody characters more compassionately, to view life’s complexities from the balcony. On lucky days, perhaps even from the rings of Saturn.

After the death of my dearest adoptive dad in 2017, I semi-retired from business cards and job titles. Like an involuntary muscle, life undulated me from the physical world towards the beckoning lush dendrite maze of my poet-self. I am never sure if this self’s version is a beacon or a siren. Time will tell, perhaps.

I enjoy this new life. Quiet, well-paced and imperfectly perfect days. Intensely joyful, and proportionally grief-filled. {“maybe intense joy is part of grief,” she wonders} Words dancing around objects like a hummingbird certain there is nectar near. {would that read more precisely as “certain their nectar is near.” another wondering. they happen often}

You can find my published work on My quirks and vantage point through Twitter. Other random bits on Facebook and Instagram. is for none of that. It is more personal. The {more than} occasional type-o will prove it.

I appreciate you.

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